Emglare Heart

Actual information about ECG and heart rate from clothes into your mobile phone

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Keep an eye on your health and your loved ones´ on our mobile app

Heart statistics

Daily and weekly health statistics of your heart rate. Data show the current state of your heart.

Share with people

Share information with family, friends and doctors. You can choose which information you want to share and which is private.

Status notification

The application will automatically send a notification if the heart rate is higher than usual and will inform your doctor, relatives or friends about it.

History of your ECG

You can browse through the calendar, where you can find all the ECG history and heart rate data.

Emglare Heart

Choose the right clothes

We offer various types of smart clothing for everyday activities

How it works

Connect the mobile app with our smart clothes in only 3 steps


Wear our Emglare clothes

You don't have to do anything special, no on/off. Simply wear our smart clothes and they will watch your health.

Connect mobile app with Smart Clothes - 1

Turn on the Emglare Heart mobile app

Locate the Emglare Heart mobile application on your smartphone and turn it on.

Connect mobile app with Smart Clothes - 2

Connect smart clothes with our mobile app

In the mobile application, simply select the "Add Clothes" button, then select your outfit that you are currently wearing.

Connect mobile app with Smart Clothes - 3
Emglare Heart Icon

And that's all, on the main screen you can see your current ECG and heartbeat.


Keep track of your health anytime and anywhere you want

App Status page

Integrated cardiogram

Current ECG display from smart clothes

Track heart rate

Count of heart beats per minute

Indicator of health

View how long the data are measured on a given day

Current status

On the main page, you'll find up-to-date information that shows the current status of your ECG and heart rate per minute.

App Statistics page

Chart of heartbeats

A clear view of heartbeats during the day

Heart rate statistics

A quick overview of the highest, lowest and average heartbeat

Health status in the current week

An overview of your health status in the current week with colour indicators of health

Daily/Weekly Overview

Daily statistics show data as the current day. You can see the highest/lowest heart rate, daily average and a clear daily chart.

App History page

Stored ECGs in history

You can view all stored ECG records in history, where you can find them by date and time

History chart of heartbeats

A clear view of heartbeats during the selected day

Heart rate statistics

A quick overview of the highest, lowest and average heartbeat at current day

Calendar with historical records

All data are stored in history and is available from anywhere for the authorized user only

Marked days with status

Just a quick look and you can see which days were critical and see the critical moments in detail.

Historical records and statistics

Using history, you can find all the information from the ECG and heart rate we measured. Every day you get an overview of your health.


Start using your personal health assistant just now

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Emglare Heart

Emglare Heart

Available for iPhone and Android.


Our clothes

This is first piece of clothing with ECG, Heart rate measurement and wireless charging



Daily monitoring of your health with a unique undershirt is now a reality

Product detail
Sport T-shirt

Sport T-shirt

Watch ECG and heart rate during sports with a specially designed T-shirt

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First bra with ECG measurement, which is designed for all-day wearing

Product detail
Sport Bra

Sport Bra

A sports bra that stores all sporting activities and monitors your health

Product detail