Mobile application

Our mobile app supports the most popular Android and iOS mobile platforms. For more information about downloading the applications, see the Mobile Application page.

Our mobile app is completely free, including all its features. We never plan to charge the app, so do not hesitate to try it out. For more information, see the Mobile Application page.

We currently do not support the web application for tracking information from mobile apps. But our plan is to expand the possibilities especially for doctors and healthcare professionals.

Yes, we support both Android and Apple iPads. However, we need to note that some features may not work on tablets, such as Google Fitness, etc. You can go to the Mobile Application page to download the app into your tablet/iPad.

First, make sure your mobile phone supports Bluetooth 4.0 and higher. Next, you must have our mobile app installed on your mobile phone. The first time you run the mobile app, please Sign In/Sign Up to get the access into the entire system. Then on the main screen, you'll find the "Add Clothes" button or in the top right corner see the plus icon. With our mobile app we can only connect clothes so you can buy directly from us or our partners. Clothes must be sufficiently charged following the instructions enclosed in the package. Clothes will appear in the Add Clothes list only when they are worn by the user. Turning sensors on/off in clothes is automatic.

Mobile app is compatible only with official Emglare products and products from our official partners.

The mobile application stores basic user information such as name, email, password etc. You can create a list of users with whom you want to share the latest information. Furthermore, we store ECG and heartbeat information as you wear our clothes and have it connected to our Mobile application. We take care that the health information is kept only for you and we do not share it with any third unless we have your express permission to do so.

Turning localization on is not mandatory but we strongly recommend it. If you have any health problems, you can let your friends know through our mobile app where you are.

Yes, sharing is in the "Share List" tab, it is possible to add or edit this list. You can set up different information you want to share with different people on your list. You can delete or change sharing with other users at any time.

No, we do not provide your information to others. Neither we personally have access to your information. It is stored in an encrypted form in the database. If you are interested in sharing information among family, doctors or friends, use the "Share list" tab in our mobile app. Only the owner can handle his/her health information.

You can view daily/weekly statistics in two ways. The first way is that once you have our clothes with mobile apps, just click on the current heart rate display. When selected, your statistics will show up. Secondly, in case you use an iOS device and your iPhone/iPad supports 3D touch technology, simply activate the menu with statistics display options.

We do not currently support this option. Mobile app will only alert you or people you choose to send them information about your health status.

Currently, this mobile app doesn't have this feature. You can connect other doctors or health services yourself by selecting the Add Share option on the "Share List" tab. We strongly recommend talking to your doctor first.

If you turn off the mobile app, you will also stop ECG and heart rate measuring. It continues only when the application is turned on or is turned on in the background on your mobile phone. Regular use of Emglare products and mobile application is recommended for regular recording of your health data.


Stamina is up to 18 hours on a single charge. It depends on the signal strength and the current conditions of Bluetooth connection between the clothing and your mobile phone.

Yes, clothes with sensors can be washed in a washing machine or in hands. The maximal allowed temperature for most clothing is 40 °C. For more information about washing and cleaning, see the product pack.

Clothes are charged using the wireless charger included with the product. For charging, plug the wireless charger into the power socket and find a wireless charging sign on your clothing. For proper charging, attach the wireless charger to the wireless charging symbol on your clothing. To check that the clothing is properly charged see the LED on the wireless charger that flashes in purple color. Charge time is individual but we recommend charging for at least 2 hours.

You can find the prices of the products in the detail of the individual clothes. We currently offer the following types of clothing: Undershirt, Sport T-shirt, Bra and Sport Bra. For a special price event, visit the Products site where it is possible to pre-order individual products at premium prices.

Our clothes are equipped with sensors and we also pay attention to their functionality. The fabrics are made mainly from nylon and spandex and suitable for sportswear. The sensors contain conductive materials. For more information, please see the product pack.

The data between clothing and mobile applications are transferred via Bluetooth. The clothing contains sensors that must be directly on the user’s body so the information is correct.

Turning on/off the clothes is automatic when the garment is on a body. It automatically turns on and you can find it in our Add-on Clothes section in our mobile app.

We certainly recommend using other fitness accessories. The combination of data from our products and products of these fitness facilities can further refine the resulting health condition.

Health problems

We distinguish between 3 basic heart states, divided by colors: green, yellow and red. The Green color shows the condition where the heartbeat is standard. The Yellow indicates increased or decreased activity, maybe a state of higher performance or when a person is in a meditation and a perfectly calm state. The Red shows the status of a person in critical values. It can be high stress or very high physical effort. For accurate measurements, we strongly recommend to stay calm and for at least 30 seconds measure the heart rate.

Currently, mobile app can't automatically detect the impending heart attack or other heart diseases visible from the ECG curve. However, we are constantly working on its improvements and we hope to add this feature soon.

For heart problems or other similar health problems, we recommend to see your doctor or get other professional help.

For heart problems or other similar health problems, we recommend to see your doctor or get other professional help.

This is the same ECG curve. The difference between ECG measurements in the hospital and via our clothes is that there are more accurate devices in the hospital and more sensors that measure the heartbeat. Our clothes serve to track the ECG and heart rate, which is long-lasting but you get a more comprehensive analysis of the results in the hospital.

When you sign in to a mobile app, you are prompted to allow the storage of information to Apple Health/Google Fitness, if you enable the link, the data will be stored directly in the selected applications.

ECG measurement using our mobile application is only possible with our official Emglare products or partner's products.

The measurement of ECG and heart rate is possible only under normal conditions. If the garment is wet, distortion or measurement errors can occur on the sensors, and we are not responsible for the correct functioning of all things.

Orders and pre-orders

Packaging includes the following items: 1 pc of clothes (Undershirt, Sport T-shirt, Bra or Sport Bra), a wireless charging pad, a USB cable for charging, a usb charger and a user manual.

Yes, a basic wireless charger is included in each package with a new product.

The size of the clothing depends on your personal proportions. In case you need any help and advice, see size guide page. Our clothing is divided according to the table of sizes. If you still have doubts about the size you should choose, you can contact our support team who will gladly help you with the selection.

We offer 4 types of clothing that can be ordered in multiple colours and sizes. We have Undershirt and Sport T-shirt for men. For women we offer Bra and Sport Bra.

In the first phase, you can find the products at Products page where our smart clothes is presented. Later you will be able to order our products on our official website and in partner stores.

Yes, we can send you the goods to your address anywhere in the world, you only need a valid order. The transport costs are paid by the customer, depending on the price of the particular order.

Pre-dates for availability are listed on the product pages. You will be notified of the exact date of delivery if you type your email in the pre-order. Whenever you can ask about the order status using our contact form.

The order process and changes in order status will be sent to you via the e-mail you entered when ordering. Whenever you can ask about the order status using our contact form.

Return of goods and claims

If you ordered the wrong size, it is possible to return the clothing within 30 days of delivery. Clothes must be unworn and unwashed. If you want to return or replace clothes, please contact our support team to get more detailed information.

Emglare orders can be returned for any reason within 30 days after delivery. After 30 days, the product can be returned if unworn and unwashed. Emglare products have specific written guarantees and warranties. Please read the label, hang tag or warranty card for specific guidelines and return information.

If the clothes do not work, please try the following steps. First, charge your clothes with our charger. Check if your mobile phone supports Bluetooth 4.0 or higher or if your Bluetooth is enabled. Please put your clothes on and turn on your mobile app. In the mobile app, select the Add clothing button. Select the clothes. If your clothes still do not work, please contact our support team to help you solve the problem.

If you cannot find the clothes, please try the following steps: first, charge your clothes with our charger. Check if your mobile phone supports Bluetooth 4.0 or higher or if your Bluetooth is enabled. After everything is done, try to combine clothes with our mobile app. If you still cannot find your clothes, please contact our support team to help you solve the problem.

Emglare stands behind all its products. If you purchased an item on Emglare and you believe it's flawed or defective, you can return it to us within one year after delivery. You can contact our support team in terms of the product return information.