Personal mobile health application Emglare Heart

Personal mobile health application Emglare Heart

Welcome to our personal health care assistant, that is always at your fingertips. Our mobile app is completely free to provide users with an overview of their ECG and heart rate. Here we will show you all the features and possibilities of use for the owner in detail.

We designed the mobile app to be suitable for both athletes and regular users interested in their health. It consists of several parts that we will introduce you step by step.

Clothes as such were introduced about 42,000 to 72,000 years ago. The main function of the garment remained, and that is the body protection and decoration. Today we have smart mobile phones, electric cars, different smart home appliances, but we still wear ordinary clothes every day. Yes, we use better quality materials and the design is getting better but you will not find any electronics in clothing. Our question is Why? Wearing clothes is one of the most natural things we do every day. What about wearing clothes that would track our health? That is why we have decided to come up with a solution.

Emglare clothing is wirelessly connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and transfers information about your health to our mobile app Emglare Heart. You can see the current ECG progression and the heart rate. Everything is clearly stored in a mobile app and available to see from anywhere in the world.

ECG and heart rate measurement

This is the main function of our mobile application. You get information directly from the clothing and the ECG course is displayed in the mobile application. In addition, we determine your current heart rate that your mobile app analyzes and shows your status. We define 3 basic statuses: green, yellow and red. The Green shows that you are currently in the allowed values. The Yellow shows great physical strain and The Red informs you when you are in a situation that needs to be monitored and solved immediately.

Daily/Weekly Health Statistics

In daytime statistics, we can see the fluctuations in heart rate we had during the day. What is even more important we can also see our highest and lowest heart rate. From all daily statistics then we calculate the average we had on that day. In mobile apps, you will find information about whether you have had a risky value on that given day.

History available anywhere

Not only the current status of ECG is important. It is very important to monitor long-term health, too. And this can be tracked through history where you can find any ECG record you have received from our smart clothes. The history is not limited and is available only to the authorized owners. It is not possible to share it with anyone and only the owners can show it through their mobile phones to other people, for example a doctor to have it assessed if needed or required.

Sharing information with family, friends and doctors

This is one of the main benefits of our mobile application. Although monitoring our health is very important, sometimes it is also important for us to monitor the health of our loved ones. With us, you can watch your parents´ or your children´s health information, and if you have a fitness trainer, you can share this information with him or her so he or she can customize your programme. You can also allow your doctor to get your health results. In the event of a crisis situation, the doctor is informed immediately and he or she can deal with it.

Sharing information is a very sensitive topic for us. In case you want to share information with your loved ones, you have to approve of it. You can edit or terminate sharing at any time, it is all up to you. We do not provide your information to anyone else without your approval and we keep them safe.

Notification in crisis situations

If you have a critical health status, you will see a notification with that information on your mobile app. When sharing information with your family, the same information will come to your relative and he or she can respond to the situation.

Final information

Mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. We support both mobile phones as well as tablets and iPads. We will, of course, inform you about the availability of AppStore and Google Play apps through our website.

We will be happy if you send us your comments and suggestions for improvement. You can contact us here: Contact Us section.

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The Emglare team