Welcome to Emglare

Welcome to Emglare

We would like to introduce our smart clothes from Emglare which have special sensors for monitoring ECG and heartbeat. We are the first outfit that is associated with the Emglare Heart mobile app that includes a personal assistant to track your health.

It has been more than a year since we started working on the idea of tracking health through a mobile app. The first thought was born because of the situation that happened to me in my family. My father suddenly died and one of the causes was heart failure. My girlfriend has occasional heart problems too and I have a diagnosed heart murmur. After a closer examination, I found out that heart diseases are quite common and many people live with it without realizing it. Once they are diagnosed, it can be too late.

One of my acquaintances is a cardiac surgeon, and he brought me to the idea that it would be good to keep track of the heart condition continuously. It was important to develop a tool that can diagnose the course of ECG curve and heartbeat in different situations and physical exertions. A heart attack is a condition that does not usually occur immediately but the predisposition to cardiac problems can be revealed by a long-term ECG follow-up.

As a person who develops mobile and web applications, I tried to find an actual solution on the market and found out that the solution does exist but it is not perfect. Usually, only ECG status can be analyzed retrospectively and without a professional medical consultation, ​it is very difficult. That is why I started thinking about solving this problem.

My primary goal was to create a product that is easy to use and can be used without any limitation every day. To do so, of course, it is necessary to read and analyze the data, so it was necessary to invent a mobile application that is intuitive to use.

ECG tracking is good not only for people who want to know their health but also for athletes who need to break down the burden on their body effectively. We are primarily focused on these two groups of users.

After several months of hard work and collaboration across many disciplines, we managed to create a special smart piece of clothing with sensors for measuring ECG and heart rate. Our goal was not to create a product that can monitor health but above all to create it to act naturally and comfortably for its owners. Therefore, not only does the garment contain sensors, it also has an auto-fastener for body-wear, wireless charging, and mobile phone connectivity with Bluetooth.

For men, we created two basic types of our clever clothes: Undershirt and Sport T-Shirt. The Undershirt is designed as a lower layer under the clothing, for example a shirt and is also​ possible to wear worn as a top. The Sport T-shirt was created mainly for athletes who want to control their health condition.

For women, we have two kinds of brassieres: a sports bra and a classic push-up bra. In the push-up bra, the sensors are hidden so that they are not visible and can be worn all day, making it ideal for work. We have created a sports bra so that it is comfortable in sports and at the same time able to monitor the state of health during active sporting activities.

Of course, smart clothes are only one part of the solution. The most important thing for us was to create a mobile app that can monitor your current health status and tell you if you have any health problems. In addition, mobile app includes ECG history, weekly / daily statistics, sharing information with family, doctors or friends and notices of course. We will introduce the mobile app in the following article in more details.

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CEO, Jiří Pastor